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Flavour Talk exhibition took place in London

Last week, the Flavor Talk exhibition took place in London, known as a showcase for flavor raw materials. This marked the 14th edition of the exhibition, and it was the largest yet, featuring 33 exhibitors and drawing a significant number of visitors. The event was deemed a success.

Lluch Essence was among the exhibitors. The materials garnered considerable attention from flavorists, particularly white pepper CO2 extract and Scotch Bonnet chili. Both materials hail from Sri Lanka and are particularly dedicated to salted flavors; including savory and seasonings.

Notably, these Sri Lankan ingredients were so well-received, underscoring the diversity and richness of flavors sourced from different parts of the world for the flavor industry.

Events like Flavour Talk provide invaluable opportunities for companies to showcase their products, forge business connections, and share industry insights. Lluch Essence will continue to thrive in future exhibitions and remain a contributor to the world of flavors.