Integrity, commitment and knowledge sharing drive us forward


Our company was founded in 1950 by Jose Maria Lluch de Grau and Alberto Lluch Boada, true pioneers in the industry. At Lluch Essence, we began as a local enterprise that, in its 70 years of history, has expanded internationally to become a global key partner. The legacy of Lluch Essence’s founder is not only related to the exponential growth of the company, but also to our conscious business mindset.

Jose Maria Lluch de Grau

Alberto Lluch Boada

Sofia Lluch & Eva Lluch


Lluch Essence was born in 1950, more than 70 years ago, at the initiative of his creator Jose Maria Lluch de Grau. In 1952, the first representations of various national and European raw material companies for the perfumery industry appear in Spain, quickly consolidating a business sector that was only two years old. In 1956 his son Alberto Lluch, a great entrepreneur and promoter, joined in the distribution business. The office and warehouse were on the street Enrique Granados, in Barcelona.


In 1965, after a long trip around the world, Alberto Lluch incorporates new representations of essentials oil manufacturers, from exotic places, and from anywhere on the planet.


At the end of the 70s, the small office and warehouse in Barcelona was moved to the Prat del Llobregat.


In 1989, sales of manufactured product began.


In 1992 Eva and Sofia Lluch joined the company, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the business management by the family. At the same time, this new generation of the business family stood up for a significant commercial expansion mainly in France, Italy and Turkey.


In 1993 Mr. Jose Maria Lluch passed away, disappearing the first generation of Lluch Essence. The company had only 7 collaborators.


In 1994, driven by the idea of guaranteeing the best quality of their products, Lluch Essence builds its own laboratory featuring the technique of gas chromatography, contributing to the quality control of raw materials.


Since 2000, distributors and commercial agents are appointed in different countries: Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan… Lluch Essence internationalized very fast, so did the need of being close to our customers.


In 2001 the company made an important qualitative and quantitative leap, with the construction of the current warehouses and offices of El Prat de Llobregat, which added 19,000 m2 of modern facilities.


In 2007 the facilities of El Prat were certified as customs warehouses.


In 2009, Mr. Alberto Lluch passed away. His daughters, Eva and Sofia, constituting the third generation of the family, take over the management of the company with the same passion as their predecessors. At that time the company had 50 collaborators.


In 2010, the consolidation of commercial expansion in Europe arrived, South America and North Africa, mainly and the first ISO9001 quality certification.


In 2011, SAP is installed. Lluch Essence needed a platform for updated management.


In 2014, the first own subsidiary was established in Colombia. Since then, the process of expansion and internationalization has not stopped for a moment, reaching the current dimension.


In 2015, the family made the decision to professionalize and outsource the company’s management. This decisions was guided by the commitment, responsibilities and values held by the Lluch family.


In 2018, an advisory council was created as the governing body of the company. Eva and Sofia surround themselves with external professionals to decide the company strategy. We were also certified in Human Food Safety with FSSC 22000.


In 2021 we open our facilities in Mexico.
Also, we obtained the certification FAMI-QS, for the manufacturing of premixes, and for the repacking and distribution of more than 460 animal feed additives.


Obtaining the ISO14001 is a further step in our commitment to environmental protection.
Lluch Essence continues its international expansion with the consolidation of the Singapore plant.