Whistleblowing Channel

LLUCH ESSENCE is committed to promoting, guaranteeing and encouraging the best policies, ethical standards and good practices, to ensure regulatory compliance and prevent crimes.

To this end, we provide this Whistleblowing Channel that allows:

  • Confidentially report criminal offenses and serious non-compliance.
  • Confidentially report breaches of ethical codes or best practices.

In compliance with Law 2/2023, of 20 February, regulating the protection of persons who report breaches of regulations and the fight against corruption, LLUCH ESSENCE has implemented this Whistleblowing Channel as a channel for individuals to report information obtained in a work or professional context on criminal offences, serious administrative offences, or breaches of European Union law.

LLUCH ESSENCE guarantees to the informants:

  • The confidentiality of all data and background information handled.
  • The exhaustive and objective analysis of any data.
  • That it will always act with full respect for the right to a hearing and the presumption of innocence of any affected person.
  • The absence of reprisals against any informant and any other collaborating person.

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