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Environmental improvement actions

Thriving towards sustainability is about small changes that create a big impact.

Sensitive to the scarcity of water, this August we have proceeded to install atomizers on all the domestic water taps of the company.
The atomizer, also known as aerator, is an accessory installed on the nozzles of the taps supplying sanitary water, whose main function is to mix the water with air, reducing the water flow but increasing the outlet pressure. This product allows us not to lose the comfort provided by traditional taps, and to maintain the sensation of having the same outlet flow.
This action will allow us to save between 40-60% of the consumption in the use of this water.

Also, we are replacing our regular nitrile gloves by biodegradables gloves in our warehouse, laboratory and productions sectors of the company.
The gloves meet the standards of food safety and are ecological as 82% of the glove decompose in the duration of a year. This replacement is part of the actions taken in Lluch Essence that contribute to our commitment to sustainability, safety and quality.