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Barcelona Perfumery Congress

The Barcelona Perfumery Congress 2023 (BPC) was held on November 22nd and 23rd at La Farga Exhibition Center -L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).
It was a reference event of the fragrance industry organized by the Barcelona Beauty Cluster.

It was an opportunity to network and learn about the latest trends in the sector through various conferences and talks by people linked to the industry.
There was also space for companies to exhibit their products and for visitors from different countries to smell all the new products.

From Lluch Essence we were present with a stand (C2) to attend the visitors and show our products. In addition, our colleague Thierry Bourrat, commercial director for Europe, had the opportunity to present Lluch Essence to the attendees at the Farga.

We also collaborated with the diffusion of the essences of India, guest country of the BPC. In a Congress space, different products from India could be known and smelled, and for our part we decide: sandalwood, mint and pepper.