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2021 Corporate Sustainability Report

As we do every year, we are pleased to present the Lluch Essence Corporate Sustainability Report 2021. It is a pleasure to share that in this evaluation we have substantially improved our rating in the Right Supply RS26000 sustainability index, reaching 1426 points and an A category.

This is a significant improvement that rewards the effort, commitment, involvement and developments made by the entire Lluch Essence team. Through the 100% digital platform Right Supply, we communicate in a transparent way, to our stake and shareholders, the most significant information and indicators in relation to the following topics: human rights, labor practices, environment, fair operations, consumers and customers, community and development.

Right Supply is a digital platform for sustainability analysis and reporting, based on the ISO 26000 standard and the United Nations Agenda 2030, which evaluates more than 250 variables in the areas of environment, good governance, social responsibility and Agenda 2030, calculating a global sustainability index.

We invite you to visit our Sustainability Report 2021 at the following link: /