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The DGP organises the “Aroma e Inspiración en la Ciudad de Gaudí (Aroma and Inspiration in the City of Gaudí) symposium.

The DGP chose the city of Barcelona because the city ranks high in art and culture and for the exclusivity of the masterpieces of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí, but also because it is home to some of the fragrance industry’s major brands. The participants had the opportunity to visit some of these brands at the 2022 Spring Meeting, as well as discover oriental perfumery and the fragrances of Catalan cuisine.

Thursday’s conference kicked off with a group lunch, the participants’ first opportunity to exchange ideas. The Board then reported on the events of the past year and presented the report on “40 years DGP: 1979-2019”.

Iberchem perfumer Ana Ripoll introduced the talks by addressing the topic of natural fragrances. She explained that natural fragrances are in increasingly more demand and what this means for perfumers and the new challenges that are emerging. Olaf Larsen, perfumer at Eurofragance, gave a presentation on the basics of oriental perfumery and local trends, while Camila Tomas from PUIG presented how innovations are developed, taking customer expectations into consideration.

To round off the day, the famous Catalan chef and writer Ada Parellada gave a talk on the evolution of individual food preferences. The last lecture was followed by an opportunity to network during a city tour of Barcelona and a group dinner.

Friday featured a visit to the Lluch Essence facilities, which ended with refreshments and a space for participants to mingle. We’re thrilled that we could open to doors of our facilities to the DGP and to have contributed to the success of the event!