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SIMPPAR Exhibition

On the 28th and 29th of May we attended the Simppar fair, international exhibition of raw materials for perfumery, which this year for the first time was held in Grasse.
For Lluch Essence this is a reference event and we have taken the opportunity to present some novelties and products that have been very much appreciated by the visitors.


Korean Hinoki has a unique scent obtained by distillation of the leaves that is incomparable to any other hinoki essential oil in the world. Its olfactory profile shows a woody, fresh leafy note with a hint of sweet citrus note.
The Hinoki corenao tree is exceptionally famous for its high phytoncide content in East Asia. Phytoncides are terpenic compounds emitted by plants, it is the first scent of freshness you smell in a pine forest.
The oil derived from the rhizomes of a grass native to the Amazon, is noted for its distinctive scent profile, balsamic and woody,  that is highly valued in luxury cosmetics and niche perfumery. The oil is part of a Socio-biodiversity Enhancement Program®, which suggests a commitment to preserving the ecological and cultural diversity of the Amazon region.
PARAMELA OIL (new in portfolio)
Native from the Patagonia .With a sweet, fruity, woody, slightly spicy note, Paramela has a bit of each of the most important floral essences we know. It has the lusciousness of rose, the freshness of freesia, the hesperidic touch of orange blossom, the sweetness of tuberose, the spicy side of ylang-ylang, the sophistication of jasmine and the herbaceous side of geranium.
AGARWOOD BLACK OIL (new in portfolio)
Originally from Vietnam. Also known as oud, the olfactory profile of Agarwood is complex and deep, woody, earthy, animalic and slightly sweet. It is highly prized in the perfume industry, where it is used as a base note in many luxury fragrances.