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Meeting with the Colombian Ambassador in Spain

Thanks to our participation in Barcelona Global, we have had the opportunity to attend an exclusive private meeting with the Ambassador of Colombia in Spain, Luis Guillermo Plata, the Consul in Barcelona, Daniela Echavarría Vásquez, and Julio Rodríguez, Embassy associate.

At this meeting, which lasted a couple of hours, we had the opportunity to share experiences, concerns and opportunities in Colombia such as the country’s economic figures (10% growth is expected); the possibilities and advantages of investments under the free trade agreement with neighbouring Latin American countries; Spanish investments in Colombia, where 650 Spanish companies are currently operating; infrastructure (transport networks) and communications (5G) projects; the new elections in May 2022; the issues with the exchange rate (Colombian peso vs. euro and dollars); the role of Spain in Colombia, the country with the second highest amount of investments in the country after the USA; the national vaccination campaign against COVID; and the significant number of Colombian students in Spain.