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Lluch receives the FAMI-QS certification

The FAMI-QS Standard is an international feed safety and quality system designed for organizations that manufacture additives and/or supply individual components to the feed industry. This standard is based on compliance with European regulation EC 1831/2003 and other specific requirements, both legal and in terms of quality and food safety, which guarantee that the processes and products covered by these standards meet the needs of clients, providing added value to the company’s activity. FAMI-QS offers very high standards that require, among others, a very thorough evaluation of both suppliers and their products.

Our team’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is unquestionable.

After achieving success in FAMI-QS, we decided to go one step further to obtain this certification in animal feed.

This has been in the form of the donation of more than 109 kg of feed and 37 boxes of medicines for abandoned animals that are cared for through the Daina Foundation.

The Sociedad Protectora de Animales (Animal Shelter) de Mataró has been working since 1971 with the aim of sheltering, protecting and promoting the adoption of abandoned animals. Its task is also informative: to raise awareness in society about responsible pet ownership, animal rights and the benefits of adoption.

On June 29th, we visited the Centro Comarcal de Atención a Animales de Compañía (Regional Pet Care Centre) (CCAAC) in Badalona, one of the centers that is part of the Mataró Animal shelter. During the visit, we were able to see the great work they do on a daily basis to attend to the needs of the animals, and we were informed that they are in desperate need of help, not only financially, but also through volunteers who can walk the animals.