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Lluch establishes new collaborations in the sector

We have joined the vice-presidency of Beauty Cluster Barcelona and the board of directors of the Catalan Association of Family Businesses (ASCEF).

Beauty Cluster Barcelona is a market-oriented entity focused on developing the business competitiveness of its members, providing value, content, market knowledge and opportunities. ASCEF, on the other hand, is an association that represents a meeting point for the transmission of family values and culture in the work environment, enhancing the pride of belonging to it.

Being present in the sector’s frameworks of influence gives more visibility to the company and creates a space for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the partner companies.

“We business families are very clear about the importance of maintaining good personal and institutional relationships, which always add something; and we want to take advantage of these opportunities to continue growing, aimed at promoting the values and principles of the family business. In an increasingly aware and committed world, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, sharing our values, our principles and our culture is becoming an intangible part of our assets. Proud of our industry, we want to keep our permanent purpose of service to society intact even in very difficult times like the ones we are currently facing. It is in our DNA and is the raison d’ĂȘtre of our project,” said Eva Lluch.