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Lluch Essence signs a collaboration agreement with Selvans

Lluch Essence is very excited to inform you that we will start collaborating with “Sèlvans”, an association whose mission is the conservation of the singular forest heritage. Moreover, it works to preserve a network of centenary forests in order to reach 10% of the Catalan forest surface in 2030, an objective aligned with the requirements of the European Green Pact.


Lluch Essence wants to support Sèlvans for the conservation and custody of these centenary forests of high ecological value. We will work together to contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and mitigate climate change.


Specifically, the future preservation of the centenary forest will allow us to deploy our corporate social responsibility and environmental management systems (especially with regard to the compensation of impacts), as well as to contribute to the advancement of a minimum of 5 Sustainable Development Goals in its immediate environment (SDG 13, 15, 3, 6 and 17).