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Celebration of World Food Safety Day at Lluch Essence

Once again, Lluch Essence celebrates World Food Safety Day, this year under the theme: “Food Standards Save Lives.”

It is our responsibility to produce and supply safe products and be prepared to act quickly and effectively in exceptional situations, using all necessary resources to prevent harm to consumers. In line with our food culture plan, on July 7th, we organized a special and participative day to resolve doubts and raise awareness about the importance of food safety at work and in our daily lives.

To achieve this, we placed various informational posters about food safety in the cafeteria. Additionally, we set up a panel with post-its for everyone to share their opinions, reflections, comments, and experiences related to the information presented. This activity aimed to promote awareness and the exchange of knowledge about food safety.

During the event, we received over 50 questions about food safety. We answered them in a brief and simple manner, based on official and reference sources such as the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, AESAN, FDA, FAO, reputable newspapers, and other relevant websites.