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4th International Perfumery Competition Awards Ceremony

On 5 June, Barcelona became the world epicenter of perfumery during the second edition of Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW), the 4th International Perfumery Competition – Mouillette d’Argent, the 3rd Barcelona Olfaction Congress (BOC) and the 4th Maridatge dels Sentits. A mass event that attracted participants from more than 25 countries, mainly virtually.

We were represented by Eva Lluch, Gabriel Puig, Conxa Ferrer and Jacint Bosch.

During the event, a series of online and face-to-face activities related to perfume, olfactory science, the pairing of the senses and beauty culture created in collaboration between the Beauty Cluster, the City of TeiĆ  and Ainea Perfums took place.

“This is a great opportunity to boost the perfume industry and project it internationally.

It allows us to see perfume as a cultural element closely linked to our country. The general public can discover the importance of the sense of smell and the industry can project the importance it has for the economy and for society,” commented Eva Lluch during the ceremony.

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